AR/VR meets enterprise

Augmented and virtual reality design guidelines

Create meaningful experiences

Virtual and augmented reality provides opportunities to empower the user like never before.

VR and AR illustration


Justify the cost of immersion

AR/VR applications for productivity need to provide additional value, unattainable from a traditional screen-based application. Unlike gaming and entertainment, novelty and engagement aren’t important to business users. If their job can be performed equally effectively on a monitor, there is no incentive for users to leave their familiar work environment. In order to justify putting on a headset, applications need to significantly improve user experience.

The AR/VR medium brings a lot of unique advantages to the table. Immersive applications can better utilize spatial memory, create a strong sense of presence, provide an additional dimension for displaying information, and take advantage of our natural ability to navigate 3D worlds.

Empower the user

Always look for innovative ways to empower the user to do more with less effort. At the end of the day, the goal should be to improve the way that people work. The frameworks and patterns for AR/VR user interaction are still in their infancy, but they are growing rapidly. Experiment with established as well as original methods of interaction. Know your target user and understand their expectations and habits. Learn about their current working environment. Be conscious of their attitude towards new technology, experience with AR/VR, and the steps that they’ll need to take in order to adopt your solution.

Build rich worlds

World building requires underlying logic and design consistency. Immersive experiences should aim for consistent physics, a continuous, persistent history, logical variations in treatments of elements (visual and behaviorial), and predictable interaction mechanics. Tying these aspects together crafts usable, compelling, believable worlds where users can dive deep. Interrogate every detail; tweak and rationalize every decision according to how it would manifest specifically in this world.

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